Acting as a Non Executive Director to help you get what you want for your company

If the price your business is likely to fetch is not enough for you ,we can help you to achieve this by acting as a Non Executive Director.

Having been a management consultant and a business broker for nearly forty years, I have been involved with over a thousand companies, both in an advisory capacity as well as in terms of getting the company ready for exiting.

Many companies look to their accountant for financial advice. However, when it comes to selling a business, very few accountants are actively involved in valuing and selling businesses.

This means that many managing directors feel isolated and alone and have very few people they can turn to for advice.

I am able to provide advice on growth, funding and business strategy, including exit planning.

Many people know how much they want for their business, but do not have a clue about how much their business is worth.

As a business broker, I am working with people all the time who have contacted me to sell their business who want to get a certain amount for it, but their company is not worth what they wanted.

I then advise them what they need to do in order to increase the value of their business, and work with them in order to help them reach their objectives. Their objectives can normally be achieved within three years.