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Starting a New Business?

Firstly,take advice on starting a new business from scratch or take over an existing one.It is usually the case that buying an existing business is far easier than trying to build a business up from scratch.This is because it has a proven track record usually,accounts showing which direction the company is going in and existing customers.We help to build Successful Companies by Developing Successful Strategies using Flexible and Simple Business Plans with step by step guidance.

There are fundamentally two parts to buying an existing business in most cases i.e. the transfer of the business from one party to another, and then the transfer of the property, normally via the lease, but sometimes by acquisition of the property. In some cases ,such as internet based businesses, there are no premises .

We need to identify and agree what type of business you're thinking of getting into and why. Is it a good idea? Is the timing right? What does my business plan look like? How much money will I need? Where from? How long will it take me to break even? Is the business likely to be seasonal?
We also need to try to identify what problems you have or are likely to have along the way.

Whether a new business start up or an existing business needing help we can point you in the right direction with things such as :-

Finding the right business solicitor who will talk to you about operating as a sole trader, partnership,limited company or LLP,and explaining the pros and cons of each finding the right accountant for you and tell you what to look for when choosing one credit control, marketing finding suitable business premises, if you need them creating a new, or amending your existing, website to bring you more business and so much more such as:-

• Seminars 
• Testimonials 
• Cash Flow Analysis & Business Valuation
• Cost Control
• Staff Costs
• Scheduling
• Profit & Loss Statement Analysis
• Budgeting
• Financial Trends
• Personnel & Management Training

and so much more

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